Nike Air Presto – The Archetypal Sock-Runner


Minimalist sock-like runners are all the craze now but I think that the archetype of all these modern day runners was actually made sixteen years ago. Tobie Hatfield, creator of the Nike Free and Tinker Hatfield’s brother, co-designed the Presto to be a shoe which would enable the wearer to take control of the shoe, rather than the other way round. This meant flexibility, lightness and loads of comfort. Sound less like a shoe and more like a t-shirt? Read on to find out more. Read More…

Shoppers Stop EOSS ’16

It’s raining. Raining sales! Precipitation should really be the least of your worries at this time of year. I’m more worried about what kind of deals I’m missing out on with all these sales going on at so many places. In these cases its easier to head to a multi-brand retailer where you can shop many brands under one roof. Less hassle don’t you think? Shoppers Stop is one of the best stores that I’ve shopped at in that vein. Here are some great picks from their EOSS.

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The Classe Italiana Maxx – The Derby Guide

dress shoes from classe italiana

Every man must know his derbies from his oxfords. A derby shoe, like the beautiful example above, has an open lacing system held in place by two quarters that are sewn on to the top on the vamp. Oxfords on the other hand, look like this. Thanks to their closing lacing, Oxford are considered more formal than derbies and are hence less versatile for the average guy, bringing me to this finely crafted pair from Classe Italiana.

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