U.S. Polo Assn. – Autumn/Winter ’16 Lookbook


The best part about winter is the fact that outerwear gets a whole lot more interesting. And for those who are going for that classic country gent aesthetic, U.S. Polo Assn. is a brand that I have found to be extremely reliable, as they keep bringing back classic styles in modern fits and colors. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite pieces from their 2016 Autumn/Winter collection.

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The Classe Italiana Maxx – The Derby Guide

dress shoes from classe italiana

Every man must know his derbies from his oxfords. A derby shoe, like the beautiful example above, has an open lacing system held in place by two quarters that are sewn on to the top on the vamp. Oxfords on the other hand, look like this. Thanks to their closing lacing, Oxford are considered more formal than derbies and are hence less versatile for the average guy, bringing me to this finely crafted pair from Classe Italiana.

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The Arrow 4 in 1 Shirt – Water, UV, Wrinkle & Odour Resistant. The Ultimate Shirt?

arrow 4 in 1 shirt

If there was only one shirt you could own, which would it be? Would it be the white oxford button down, or the blue shirt with the club collar? But what if a shirt offered you much more than just different materials and collar styles? What if it came with features that made your life easier, while making you look your best? Arrow have come up with a 4 in 1 shirt that they claim is wrinkle-resistant, UV protective, Water-repellent and Odour-resistant. Does it really deliver? Read on to find out. Read More…