Lee – Refresh The City


Mankind has been on an unstoppable quest for development for as long as we’ve known. But such rapid development has its costs, costs that we are all familiar with. But even in spite of such things, we must find ways to stay positive and refresh our cities and lives. I take you through two such ideas that are refreshing the city of Bangalore, where I live.

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Air Max BW : ‘Window To My City’


Happy Air Max Day guys! In 1991, Nike released the Air Max BW and it had a bigger ‘window’ in the heel than any other Air Max model before it. Fast forward to 2016 and Nike has come out with a modernized take on the BW, featuring updated materials and a cored out outsole, bringing the classic runner into the modern age. Just like the Big Window shows you the soul of the shoe, here are some places in Bangalore, where I live, that make up the essence of the city.

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Japan Habba 2016 – Bangalore

A lot of nice art on sale. I just had to buy this šŸ˜€

The Japan Habba is an annual event in Bangalore that aims to promote Indo-Japanese relations and help increase people’s knowledge about Japanese culture and art. I went for the eventĀ about two years ago, but missed last years editionĀ so I knew I had to make it this time. I got there early but the new venue was already buzzing with activity. And a lot of Japanese people rocking some serious sneakers. I think seeing four pairs of New Balances and Asics walk away from me made the visit worthwhile. There was a lot of nice anime art on sale and I snappedĀ up a very niceĀ Cardcaptor Sakura poster. There were some Ningyo dolls, chopsticks and some very sharp knives on sale too. In addition to the stalls selling Japanese goods, a lot of schools and universities had stalls set up, including Tokyo University. There was a Shodo station where you could register to take a shot at calligraphy and draw a character with a brush. I also caught some nice martial arts/dance performances by a group of extremely impressive acrobatic kids. What disappointed me however, was the lack of food stalls. I was very hungry and all there was to eat was either an overpriced Bento box or a lot of Indian food. Well, maybe next year.