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 leather jacket jordan future

Winter is officially upon us and that means that I can go back to rocking my favorite head to toe black fits and finally layer up.

jordan future

When I go about putting together an outfit for my day every morning, I always start by picking a pair of shoes and then move upward. Since I play basketball I like wearing basketball inspired kicks even when I’m off the court. And wearing woven Jordan Futures means going with outerwear that’s completely different. That’s why the biker jacket came in.

biker jacket

I wouldn’t dream of wearing this in the summer but this jacket will see a lot of use during the next two months. Chain thrown in for effect and yes I matched my tee to my socks. A white tee would’ve done the job but just didn’t feel right to me. In today’s world, I feel that clothes are the easiest way that you have to express yourself and with the wide variety of choices available, limited by what you have access to or how much you’re willing to shell out of course, one can create an original outfit that represents them every day. A custom outfit, so to speak. That should be your goal when you dress yourself, no matter what the occasion.

leather jacket jordan future

Speaking of customization, Maruti Suzuki has introduced iCreate, an online configurator that allows you to customize the Vitara Brezza, their latest SUV which has made waves all over the nation since its launch earlier this year. The program offers more than 90 customization options across five different packages, which is quite a bit of variety and ensures that we all don’t end up with cars that look the same.The iCreate customisation program includes exterior accessories like front grille and bumpers, decals, side skirts and skid plates, door visors, wheel arch kits and accents on alloy wheels among others. Inside, the program provides the option to add different floor mats, PU seat covers, leather wrap on steering wheel, scuff plates, a trunk organiser and much more. Personalization is the name of the game.

jordan futures

Create your own Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza using iCreate

Photos by Gaurav Karki

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