A blog by Uday Shanker from Delhi, India.
I currently work at an upcoming homegrown sneaker brand and before this I spent a year and a half running India’s first sneaker store, VegNonVeg. I ride a motorcycle and a skateboard. I write poetry and loud horrible guitar music. I try and travel often. A conscious effort on my part to dress better led me to discover the fascinating world of fashion and I have actively been seeking my personal style ever since.
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Twitter: udayshankera

Instagram: bioblad3


Contact: udayshankera@yahoo.com / +91-9886665092

Thank you for reading.


  1. That’s an interesting job you have.

  2. prachi Reply

    hi uday, have recently started following you… i like your work! i work for a handcrafted loafers & moccasins brand based in Mumbai. our loafers & moccasins are genuine leather made… our products range to fit the age groups from 2 years to adults. would like fashionistas like you to write about these footwear. the brand is Careeno. will wait to hear from you…

  3. Sehr gut geschriebener Post! Ich schaue mir sehr gerne Serien im Web an. Vorallem liebe ich Maxdome.

  4. Cinefame Reply

    Your Blog was really nice Mr.Uday 🙂

    Keep Rocking (y)

    – Cinefame Team.
    (www.cinefame.com )

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