Reebok Classics Club C ‘Tonal Gum’ Grey – Review & On Feet

Reebok Club c tg grey

Tennis shoes don’t pique my interest often, unless they have a giant swoosh, fluorescent panels and an ATC moniker or a pump system, but somehow this ‘Tonal Gum’ version of the Reebok Club C has grown on me. Read on to find out more.

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The Arrow 4 in 1 Shirt – Water, UV, Wrinkle & Odour Resistant. The Ultimate Shirt?

arrow 4 in 1 shirt

If there was only one shirt you could own, which would it be? Would it be the white oxford button down, or the blue shirt with the club collar? But what if a shirt offered you much more than just different materials and collar styles? What if it came with features that made your life easier, while making you look your best? Arrow have come up with a 4 in 1 shirt that they claim is wrinkle-resistant, UV protective, Water-repellent and Odour-resistant. Does it really deliver? Read on to find out. Read More…