Outfit – 11/3/15


My first outfit post on here. Decided to go with some reds. Summer is already upon Bangalore, and somehow I’ve only managed to get my hands on some nice jackets recently, so I’ve been trying to wear them as often as I can, on cooler days.


Other than mixing colors, a very important thing that people overlook is that it is possible to mix textures as well, to add depth and contrast to an outfit. Here the herringbone weave of the jacket and the parallel cords of the shirt really work against each other, adding depth to the outfit. If both were flat and devoid of texture, this outfit wouldn’t have the pop that it has.

Shirt – People (http://www.trendin.com/people/)

Jacket – Mast & Harbour (http://www.myntra.com/mast-and-harbour)

Tie – Turtle (http://www.turtleonline.in/)

Camo Love.

It has been a while since I have posted here, in spite of promising myself I would actively pursue this. But I guess later is better than never so here goes with my first outfit post.

PS: Until I manage to set up my tripod at home and find good camera angles, the pictures will be ones taken on my phone. I do not have a photographer. I happen to be one however.

So getting on with it. This year seems to be one for modern patterns and i think every fashion house has done numerous takes on florals and camoflage patterns. Florals are not a trend and have been around for a while now whether it be on Aloha shirts or Guayaberas, or on shoes and blazer. But camo shoes and blazers are new, as far as I know. If this is untrue, please educate me.

Helped along by Nick Wooster (I love whatever this man wears!) my love for camo printed apparel has grown quite a bit and i got myself a few things to satiate this hunger.


So that’s a chambray camo printed tie i picked up from www.asos.com. I was skeptical about a tie made of chambray at first, about whether creating a knot would be easy but with a little work, you can do a good job of it. Not that I do great knots on ties really.



So here it is paired with a white oxford shirt and a black cardigan. I live in the south of India and the weather isn’t great for layering so that’s about all i can manage.


Those are the Cole Haan Lunargrand Wingtips in Camo and after seeing those my search for a pair of camo shoes began in earnest. I did manage to find a pair by UCB and copped them the same day. Here they are.


Nowhere as good as the Lunargrands (duh!) but they are good to walk in (canvas=light) and have some little brogue detailing here and there. I am quite satisfied with them.


Last but not the least. Socks. I love socks. And i love Happy Socks (www.happysocks.com). They make socks in widest variety of patterns I have ever seen, offer great quality and aren’t super expensive either. So naturally I finished up my camo cravings with socks.

Widely associated with the military and cargo pants, camo has gone casual big time and I love it. What I would like to see, is whether this trend will continue into next year or not because I plan on finding me one of those camo blazers arrgh.

That was a long post, thank you for reading 🙂